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Introducing the much-anticipated OnePlus 12! Announced on December 5 in China and globally launched on January 23, the OnePlus 12 comes with a starting price of $799.99 / £849. Preorder sales skyrocketed by 212%, surpassing the OnePlus 11 sales in just one day. Set to be available for purchase on February 13, this device is generating immense excitement in the tech community. In this review, we’ll delve into the standout features, specs, and overall market reception of the OnePlus 12, catering to tech enthusiasts eager to explore its performance and design.




Design and Build Quality

The OnePlus 12 embodies a perfect blend of sleek aesthetics and robust build quality, setting a new standard in smartphone design. Let’s explore the intricacies of its design and the quality of materials used in creating this tech marvel.


Aesthetics and Ergonomics

When it comes to aesthetics, the OnePlus 12 stands out with its refined look and ergonomic design. The device exudes elegance with its slim profile and smooth edges, offering a modern and sophisticated appearance. At just the right size and weight, it fits comfortably in hand, providing a seamless user experience. Whether you’re using it for extended periods or on the go, the OnePlus 12’s ergonomic design ensures a secure grip and a premium feel.


Durability and Materials

The OnePlus 12 is crafted with premium materials that enhance both durability and style. The device features a glass sandwich design, exuding a premium look while maintaining structural integrity. The utilization of high-quality materials ensures longevity and resistance to daily wear and tear. Additionally, the OnePlus 12 comes equipped with advanced durability features, including water resistance, adding an extra layer of protection against unexpected spills or exposure to moisture.

For more insights on the OnePlus 12 design and build quality, you can refer to external reviews and detailed analysis from trusted sources like GSM Arena, Peta Pixel, and Forbes.





The display of the OnePlus 12 is a standout feature that elevates the overall user experience to new heights. With a 6.82-inch AMOLED screen boasting a resolution of 3168×1440 pixels (QHD+), the clarity and sharpness of the display are unmatched. The pixel density of 510 ppi ensures every detail is crisp and vibrant, whether you’re streaming videos, playing games, or browsing content.


Screen Quality

The OnePlus 12’s screen quality is exceptional, offering a high-resolution display that enhances your viewing experience. The combination of QHD+ resolution and AMOLED technology delivers stunning visuals with vivid colors, deep blacks, and excellent contrast. The display’s color accuracy ensures that images and videos appear true to life, making every moment on the screen captivating.


User Experience:

Users praise the OnePlus 12’s display for its immersive experience and performance in various lighting conditions. The screen’s brightness levels adapt seamlessly, providing optimal visibility both indoors and outdoors. Whether you’re under bright sunlight or in dimly lit environments, the OnePlus 12’s display remains clear and readable, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience without straining your eyes.

For more in-depth insights on the OnePlus 12’s display specifications and performance, you can refer to sources like OnePlus Official Specs and GSM Arena’s Lab Tests.





Unveiling the true powerhouse that lies within the OnePlus 12, a device that surpasses expectations and sets a new standard for performance in the smartphone industry. Let’s unravel the key aspects that make the OnePlus 12 a top contender in the market.


Processor and RAM

The OnePlus 12 is equipped with a cutting-edge processor and ample RAM, ensuring seamless operation and lightning-fast performance. Powered by the latest Snapdragon processor, the device delivers unparalleled speed and responsiveness. The combination of high-performance RAM allows for smooth multitasking and effortless switching between apps, enhancing user experience and productivity. With the OnePlus 12, lag becomes a thing of the past as it effortlessly handles demanding tasks and operations.


Benchmark Results

In benchmark tests, the OnePlus 12 shines brightly, showcasing its superiority over other flagship phones in the market. The device consistently achieves exceptional scores, outperforming its competitors and solidifying its position as a top performer in various performance metrics. Comparisons against industry benchmarks highlight the OnePlus 12’s prowess and efficiency, proving its worth as a true powerhouse that excels in every aspect.


Gaming and Multitasking

For gaming enthusiasts and multitaskers alike, the OnePlus 12 offers an unparalleled experience. The device’s gaming performance is unmatched, providing smooth gameplay, stunning graphics, and minimal lag. Whether you’re immersing yourself in intense gaming sessions or juggling multiple apps simultaneously, the OnePlus 12’s capability to handle complex tasks with ease is truly impressive. Switching between games and applications is seamless, thanks to the phone’s robust performance and optimized software integration.

For more detailed insights on the OnePlus 12’s performance and reviews, you can explore additional resources from CNET, TechRadar, and Digital Trends.




Camera Capabilities

The OnePlus 12 boasts an impressive camera system that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge hardware with advanced software features to deliver stunning photography and videography experiences. Let’s delve into the camera capabilities of the OnePlus 12 and explore how it enhances your creativity and captures unforgettable moments.


Photo Quality

When it comes to capturing photos, the OnePlus 12 excels in delivering exceptional quality across various lighting conditions. In daylight settings, the camera showcases vivid colors, sharp details, and balanced exposure, ensuring your photographs pop with clarity and vibrancy. Even in challenging low-light environments, the device’s advanced sensor technology and software enhancements work harmoniously to produce bright and detailed images, minimizing noise and preserving clarity. Whether you’re capturing landscapes, portraits, or macro shots, the OnePlus 12’s camera system elevates your photography to new heights.


Video Recording

Equipped with top-of-the-line video recording capabilities, the OnePlus 12 allows you to unleash your creativity and capture cinematic moments with ease. The device supports high-resolution video recording, including 4K and beyond, enabling you to record videos with exceptional clarity and detail. With adjustable frame rates and advanced stabilization features, the OnePlus 12 ensures smooth and professional-looking videos, whether you’re shooting action-packed scenes or intricate details. From vlogging to capturing special events, the OnePlus 12’s video recording capabilities empower you to create engaging and visually captivating content.

For a detailed review of the OnePlus 12’s camera features and performance, you can explore insights from Petapixel’s OnePlus 12 Review and dive deeper into the technical specifications on the OnePlus 12 Specs page.




Battery Life and Charging

The OnePlus 12 introduces an enhanced battery experience, catering to users who value long-lasting power and efficient charging solutions.


Battery Performance:

The OnePlus 12 is equipped with a robust 5,400mAh battery capacity, a notable increase from its predecessor, the OnePlus 11. This upgraded capacity ensures extended usage without frequent recharging. Users can expect reliable battery life under various scenarios, with reports indicating an average screen-on time of approximately 5 to 6 hours from 80% to 20% charge. Despite individual usage patterns, the OnePlus 12’s battery longevity sets a commendable standard in the smartphone market, offering sustained power for daily tasks and entertainment.


Charging Speed:

When it comes to charging options, the OnePlus 12 provides versatility with both wired and wireless charging capabilities. The device offers rapid charging solutions, allowing users to replenish the battery efficiently. Whether opting for the convenience of wireless charging or the speed of traditional wired charging, the OnePlus 12 ensures quick and hassle-free recharging. With optimized charging protocols, users can experience reduced downtime and stay connected without prolonged interruptions due to low battery levels.

For further insights on the OnePlus 12 battery analysis and charging features, you can refer to sources like GSMArena’s OnePlus 12 review and community discussions on platforms like Reddit, providing firsthand experiences and in-depth evaluations.




Software and Features

The OnePlus 12 shines not only in its hardware prowess but also in the realm of software innovation and enhanced user experiences. Let’s dive into the software landscape of the OnePlus 12, exploring the operating system, unique features, and the overall software ecosystem that elevates this flagship device to new heights.


Operating System and UI

The OnePlus 12 operates on OxygenOS 14.0, a custom user interface based on Android™ 14. Powered by the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform, this iteration of OxygenOS delivers a seamless and intuitive user experience. With Qualcomm® Kryo™ CPU and Adreno™ 750 GPU under the hood, the OnePlus 12 ensures swift navigation, fluid animations, and optimized performance for a variety of tasks.


Unique Features

One of the standout aspects of the OnePlus 12 is its array of unique software features that differentiate it from competitors in the smartphone arena. From enhanced haptic feedback to Monitor Data for optimizing resource usage, OnePlus has integrated cutting-edge functionalities into OxygenOS 14.0. With intuitive gestures, personalized settings, and a streamlined UI, the OnePlus 12 offers a tailored experience that caters to individual preferences and enhances daily interactions with the device.

For a deeper dive into the OnePlus 12’s software capabilities and to explore the intricate details of OxygenOS 14.0, you can refer to authoritative sources like OnePlus Official OxygenOS 12 Page, offering insights into the software enhancements and performance optimizations that define the OnePlus 12’s digital landscape. Additionally, community discussions on platforms like Reddit provide firsthand user experiences and critical evaluations of OxygenOS 14.0’s functionality and user interface design.






The OnePlus 12 has captured the spotlight with its exceptional performance, stylish design, and innovative features. From its sleek aesthetics to powerhouse performance, this device stands out as a top contender in the smartphone market. The OnePlus 12 excels in every aspect, offering a seamless user experience with its robust build quality, stunning display, impressive camera capabilities, and efficient battery life.

Verdict: The OnePlus 12 is a powerhouse flagship that caters to tech enthusiasts, gamers, and multitaskers looking for a device that delivers on all fronts. With its cutting-edge processor, vibrant display, advanced camera system, and enhanced battery experience, the OnePlus 12 is a solid choice for those seeking a premium smartphone experience.

Who Might Benefit: Users who prioritize performance, design, photography, and overall user experience will find the OnePlus 12 to be a perfect fit. Whether you’re a mobile gamer, content creator, or simply a tech enthusiast, the OnePlus 12 offers a comprehensive package that caters to a wide range of user preferences and needs. Experience the future of smartphones with the OnePlus 12.






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